At Tangelo Orthodontics in Tulsa, OK, we recommend that children visit us for an initial orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven. This is because early evaluation and treatment can often reduce the amount of time a patient may need to wear braces or have other types of orthodontic treatments.

By assessing patients at this young age, we can identify problems while they’re still in their early developmental stages. In many cases, interceptive (or preventive) treatments may be used to correct issues before they become more severe or complex. For instance, if there is crowding of teeth due to jaw size, we may suggest expansion through the use of an appliance.

We also perform a comprehensive assessment to evaluate how the soft tissues and bite are working together as well as assess facial esthetics and take x-rays when needed. That way, if it’s decided that braces aren’t necessary yet, a plan for regular observation can be implemented until the bones are done growing and permanent teeth are all present.

Visiting Tangelo Orthodontics for an initial evaluation at the age of seven is important for making sure your child’s smile stays healthy and attractive throughout their life. Our team is highly experienced in providing gentle care tailored to your child’s individual needs so that they can get the most out of their orthodontic experience. #EarlyEvaluation #TangelosCare #Age7